Our Partners

We partner with many organisations whose support, experience and expertise enables us to make such a positive difference to the lives of thousands of older people across Wales every year.

We work with the Welsh Government, local authorities and private companies to help and support older people to live independently in warm, safe and accessible homes.

Without the support and funding of our partners our work would not be possible.

Together we are improving homes and changing lives of thousands of older people across Wales each year.

  • Welsh Government
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    Our Core Caseworker and Rapid Response Adaptations Service is funded in partnership with the Welsh Government. 

    Website: www.gov.wales

    Twitter: @WelshGovernment

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  • Care & Repair Cymru
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    Care & Repair Cymru - is a vital link between the WG and the Agencies to ensure the development of the service provision and its sustainability on a local basis. An arrangement to that effect now exists between Care & Repair Cymru and Care and Repair Agencies, which is reflected within the Collective Working Strategy agreement.

    Website: www.careandrepair.org.uk

    Twitter: @CRCymru

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  • Gwynedd Council
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    Gwynedd Council supports the Care & Repair Agency locally to ensure that appropriate leadership and support is available to the county's older and disabled people as they repair, improve or  adapt their homes. A Service Agreement was achieved that established a strategic system that bridges numerous service level agreements that the Council has with the Agency. That Agreement will continue until March 2018, were it is expected  the Council moves on with the commissioning agenda, it could include the type of services provided by the Agency.  

    Website: www.gwynedd.llyw.cymru

    Twitter: @cyngorgwynedd


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  • Isle of Anglesey County Council
  • Isl of Anglesey Council.png

    Isle of Anglesey County Council supports the Care & Repair Agency to ensure that advice and  support is available to the county's older and disabled as they repair, improve or adapt their homes.



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  • Grwp Cynefin
  • grwp-cynefin-logo-wide.jpg

    Grwp Cynefin as the parent company to Canllaw (Eryri) Cyf, the Registered Social Landlord provides imputed line management, IT, Human Resources, financial administration and payroll services, as well as governance scrutiny and support through the Group procedure agreement.

    Website: www.grwpcynefin.org 

    Twitter: @Grwp_Cynefin

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