About Us

Canllaw is a social enterprise operating across Gwynedd and the Isle of Anglesey. We provide housing services and practical solutions when responding to the housing needs of local older or vulnerable people and attempt to reduce their social disadvantages and contribute towards rejuvenating their communities and maintain the Welsh language. There were two Gofal a Thrwsio (Care & Repair) agencies within Canllaw, being Gofal a Thrwsio Gwynedd and Gofal a Thrwsio Môn, which as of April 2015 were reconfigured into one new Agency, namely Gofal a Thrwsio Gwynedd a Môn.

The company's unique situation has developed from experiences, successes and specialities of those two local Gofal a Thrwsio Agencies. The ethos and the Gofal a Thrwsio service lives within the heart of the company when providing related housing services and responses. The ethos has always been based on a service that focuses on the client, responding to a problem and not entirely on building and repairing.  This holistic attitude has been a key factor for the success of the Gofal a Thrwsio service. The company seeks opportunities to build beyond the work of Gofal a Thrwsio (Care & Repair) and older people and to the wider vulnerable people within our communities who need relative housing services