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Core Casework Support Service

If you are aged 60 and over, our home visiting service can provide you with free advice, information and support tailored to your individual needs. Our experienced caseworker will come to your home and will listen to your needs.

Our expert Casework team can visit you in your home to listen and discuss any issues that concern you and identify individual solutions for you.

We can offer you:

  • Support – Caseworkers can provide personal support and encouragement as clients prepare for and deal with the disruption that may be caused by any adaptions/building work.
  • Liaise on the client's behalf –We act as a point of contact between the client, family or carer within various organisations and statuary bodies which provide support.
  • Applications – We can visit the client's home to help fill in forms such as Local Authority Grant applications and Attendance Allowance applications.
  • Signposting – We signpost and liaise on client's behalf with appropriate organisations for support tailor made to the client's needs, for example, Energy Advice Centre, Department of Works and Pension, Royal British Legion, Age Cymru.
  • Advice and Information – We can also provide help and information over the telephone, services such as benefit checks and Disabled Facilities Grants financial checks can be completed over the telephone by one of our trained members of staff.
  • Grants/Funding options – We will discuss what repairs and adaptations you need, the possible solutions and provide advice on sources of funding such as Disabled Facilities Grants, self-funding or benevolent funding for the identified works to be carried out and can assist with the completion of forms or other paperwork.
  • Affordable Warmth – We provide energy efficiency advice, support and solutions including funding options, fuel debt, switching tariffs and suppliers, Warm Home Discount and Priority Service Registration.
  • Benefits Check – We offer and complete a welfare benefit check to maximise your income and refer you for appropriate benefits to ensure that you are in receipt of your full entitlement.

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  • Health – We refer clients for Occupational Therapy assessments to assess for equipment and adaptations relating to the clients health needs. We also have trained assessors who can assess for small scale adaptations.

For further information on the services provided by Conwy & Denbighshire Care & Repair, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

Rapid Response Adaptations Programme (RRAP)

The funding for RRAP is provided by Welsh Government for people who are in hospital awaiting discharge, have recently been discharged from hospital or at risk of being admitted to hospital or into a care home.

To obtain grant assistance referrals must come from a Health or Social Service Professional e.g. an Occupational Therapist. We can advise you how to access this funding and speak to the referral agency on your behalf.

Examples of types of work involved are:
• Hand rails/ Grab rails
• Access to toilet facilities
• Repositioning of Light Switches/sockets
• Provision of stair rails

  • Steps and half steps
  • Door entry Systems
  • Assistive Technology
  • Repair to stair tread / timber floors
  • Levelling concrete floors
  • Improve Lighting interior/exterior
  • Heating Repairs to main living areas
  • Fitting carpet strips
  • Relaying paving stones
  • Additional Sockets
  • Telephone Extensions

For further information on the services provided by Conwy & Denbighshire Care & Repair, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

Managing Better Sensory Service

The Managing Better service is a 3-year project, funded from the Welsh Government's Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant. The service is led by Care & Repair Cymru in partnership with RNIB Cymru, Action on Hearing Loss Cymru and Care & Repair Agencies across Wales.

If you are aged 50 and over, are a home owner, live in private rented accommodation or live in Social Housing our Managing Better Caseworker can provide free advice and support to help you secure necessary home repairs & adaptations.

Managing Better caseworkers have particular expertise in the impact of sight loss, hearing loss and/or duel sensory loss and how this affects people at home in terms of their personal safety, independence and well-being and will provide advice and support around this.

For further information on the services provided by Conwy & Denbighshire Care & Repair, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

Gerddi Gwyrdd Home Improvements Services

"A leading provider of innovative services that; enhance the quality of life of older or vulnerable people."

Gerddi Gwyrdd Home Improvement Service delivered by the team of 7, provide Home Improvement Services to our clients. This includes private works, adaptions, small repairs both in the home and garden, fitting bathrooms/wet-rooms and skilled joinery work.

The team have received training by North Wales Fire Rescue Services to carry out Home Fire Safety Checks and fit smoke detectors and equipment where appropriate on their behalf.

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Homes can easily fall into disrepair as income levels decrease. Care & Repair working in partnership with Health has made the connection; poor housing = poor health = poor quality of life e.g. damp conditions can lead to chest infections etc. The Gerddi Gwyrdd Home Improvement Services works with the technical officer and case workers to support the older person in obtaining repairs to their property either through private works or by identifying appropriate grant funding. Contact Us



For further information on the services provided by Conwy & Denbighshire Care & Repair, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

Technical Officer

Our professional and experienced technical officers can help you with any repairs or adaptations that you may require to your home. Our advice services are available to support you, in respect of essential works.

Our team can oversee and project-manage work for you, relieving you of the stress and anxiety of organising the work yourself. They will plan the work (including any necessary technical drawings), establish what the total costs will be and liaise with our Preferred Contractors to ensure the work is done properly.

We can offer you:-

  • An Initial consultation by telephone to discuss the problems that you are experiencing and decide how best we can provide technical assistance to help solve them.
  • An initial visit to your home by one of our technical officers to assess the repairs and/or adaptations required. We will then provide a report describing any works required including estimates for the costs involved.
  • Assistance with funding the necessary works if required. We will liaise with our colleagues in Casework Support Services to explore all available options.
  • Full support with the process of selecting and appointing suitable contractors. We maintain a list of Preferred Contractors who are subjected to rigorous and constant checks to ensure that they will provide a quality service and good value for money. The extent of the Technical officers involvement in any building works will depend on what you require and the value and complexity of the project. 

If appropriate we are able to offer the following services:-

  • Preparation of a schedule of works and any necessary technical drawings.
  • Requesting quotes from contractors or issuing invitations to tender. An analysis of the prices received will then  be provided together with recommendations as to which proposal provides the best value.
  • Arranging an initial meeting on site with the contractor at the start of the project to run through all aspects of the works to be carried out.
  • Preparation of a building contract to be signed by the client and the contractor which is designed to protect the  client in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong.
  • Supervision of the works through to completion. A final inspection will be arranged and a list of snagging items  will be prepared and issued to the contractor.
  • Assistance with arranging payment to the contractor once all snagging items are complete and the job is signed off.

For further information on the services provided by Conwy & Denbighshire Care & Repair, please feel free to contact us or ask someone to contact us on your behalf.

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