New ICF Project

Bridgend County Care and Repair have received £260k in Integrated Care funding. The funding will help support older people maintain independence and remain safely at home. This will help avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital, residential care or delays in their discharge from hospital.

The schemes are supported by our new ICF project officer, Clare Stitfall. With guidance from our Office Manager, Leigh Acaster, we are excited to start work on the new ICF project and hope the schemes discussed below will help our clients remain safer at home.  

Dementia First Project- Our Dementia First project is an adaption service which aims to support people to live independently at home with dementia, from early diagnosis to the later stages of the condition.

Safety at Home– Our Safety at Home project helps support independence and prevent possible admission of older people and prevent possible admission of older people to hospital.

Primary Care Project- Our dedicated H0ealthy Homes Project helps support older people and people living with complex needs receiving ongoing primary care services.

RRAP Plus- Our RRAP Plus project helps provide additional resources for our Hospital to Home Service, to support older people and people with other complex needs to be discharged to a safer home environment.

Independent Living Project- This project focuses on prevention, helping support frail older people and those with complex needs live independently and safely at home and reduce risks of falls and other accidents.