One simple question

Last week (w/c 18th Sept) was National Eye Health Week and to support RNIB Cymru’s campaign all Care & Repair Caseworkers across Wales asked their clients one simple question “when did you last have your eyes tested?”

The majority of people asked (81%) told us they had had their eyes tested within the last two years, and 13% within the last 2 - 5years.  However, 6% told us they could not remember when they last had their eyes tested - “I had completely forgotten until you asked me.  I’m going to book an appointment today.”

Stephen Thomas, Care & Repair Cymru’s Managing Better Project Development Officer said: “Some older people feel they don’t need to have their eyes’ tested and accept poor eye sight as just part growing older. This is simply not the case and it’s important for everyone, whatever their age, to have regular eye tests.  A number of people told us we had reminded them and would be making an appointment with their optician.

“At least half of all sight loss is avoidable with early detection and treatment, just one reason why we should all make the effort to ensure we have regular eye tests.”

Most people should have their eyes tested every 2 years unless advised otherwise by their optician.  Eye tests are free for anyone over 60 and many options will arrange home visits for those who cannot get to their opticians.

To remind all their clients of the importance of regular eye tests Care & Repair have produced a simple Top Five Reason Why You Should Have your Eyes Tested card which was give out to all clients last week.       

Notes to editors

  • Managing Better is a partnership service, launched in 2016, between Care & Repair Cymru, RNIB Cymru and Action on Hearing Loss Cymru.  It is funded from the Welsh Government’s Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant
  • The service provides FREE information and practical help for older people across Wales, particularly those with hearing or sight loss or dementia to stay safe at home and “Manage Better”.
  • Last year the Managing Better service helped 1,425 people across Wales and 79% have a sensory loss.
  • For every £1 invested in the service £11.50 is saved for Health and Social Care budgets
  • The Top Five Reasons why you should have your eyes tested are:
  1. You only get one set of eyes, so look after them
  2. At least half of all sight loss is avoidable with early detection and treatment
  3. Helps to detect conditions before you notice the effect on your vision
  4. They can identify health conditions such as diabetes., high blood pressure raised cholesterol and increased risk of stroke
  5. Good eyesight helps prevent trips and falls.
  • A total of 1067 Care & Repair clients took part in the survey during the week.