Falls Awareness

Falls are not an inevitable part of growing older.

During the pandemic, many older people have been far less active during lockdown restrictions, and far less caring of themselves and their homes: ‘the threat of a fall is significantly increased.

‘‘Nearly a third of adults in Britain (31%) reported having physical or mental health problems because of the condition of their homes during lockdown.’’ (Centre for Ageing Better and the Kings Fund)

Don’t let the person that falls be a family member, neighbour, friend or even you!

Don’t delay: Have a conversation with someone you care about today and do something about their risk of falling.

 Is Your Home Safe?

  • Do you feel safe on the stairs?
  • Can you manage in the bathroom and toilet?
  • Can you get around the house, access rooms and manage doorways
  • Are you free from any risky steps, slopes, pathways, or floor surfaces?
  • Is the lighting in your home adequate for your needs?
  • Are you managing well with the wear and tear and general comfort of the home (or are you frightened of tripping, over-reaching and losing balance)?

Our work is aligned to the approach of the National Prudent Healthcare Falls Prevention Taskforce and the national campaign: Steady on Stay Safe

  1. Let’s Talk – share your concerns and any anxiety you have around your falls history today
  2. Steady On – make sure you keep active and ensure your core strength is maintained
  3. Stay Safe – if you have concerns about your safety at home, seek help to adapt, repair and ensure your home is more manageable


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