Managing Better

Free home visiting information service offering practical help for older people with sensory loss, dementia, or who have had a stroke.

Managing Better is an independent living service for sensory loss, stroke and dementia. Our dedicated caseworkers will visit your home and provide vital information and practical help to enable you to live as freely and safely as possible.

Managing Better brings together five Welsh charities, who are committed to helping older people. These are:

The experiences on the ground, from this collaborative partnership, were that in approaching preventative intervention, none of us were able to deliver to the high standards of our ambition, if we did it alone. We could, through working together, offer more to our NHS and Social Services partners, if we provided a greater investment into independent living, through combining more understanding of what personal challenges make life difficult to manage as we grow older, and how we could improve opportunities by making the home a better place to live.


We’re here to help you Manage Better with trusted, reliable information and support. Call us on 0300 111 3333 or email [email protected]