Hospital to a Healthier Home

Our innovative Hospital to a Healthier Home services ensures that older people are discharged from hospital into a home fit for their needs.

Since 2019 the service has worked directly with hospital staff to identify older patients’ housing problems quickly after they have been admitted, connecting them to their local Care & Repair agency who ensure they return to a safe, warm, and accessible home.

Our service has expanded across Wales, now working out of 18 different hospitals and employing 12 specialised Hospital to a Healthier Home caseworkers who are integrated into hospital discharge teams. 

We are committed to developing sustainable services which provide support to vulnerable, older people that helps them live independently, with dignity, and supports their health and wellbeing through improved housing conditions.

Key to our Hospital to a Healthier Home service are:

-       Quicker safe discharges of care

-       Improved patient flow

-       Reduced re-admission rates


"“The Hospital to a Healthier Home service has provided much needed, positive support during the pandemic. Not only has it helped make available precious hospital capacity - where safe to do so - but it has helped older vulnerable people to go back to their own homes, facilitating safer and quicker discharges with rapid adaptations to ensure they are able to stay home to help reduce readmission rates... I fully expect H2HH to become a key service over the winter and I am pleased to provide over £510,000 to make this happen.The service has demonstrated very positive outcomes, high satisfaction rates with positive testimonials from hospital staff and patients and excellent value. It is a testament to the service and its caseworkers that patient satisfaction is at 99%"" Vaughan Gething MS