Clearing out her uncle’s home after he passed away got Linda thinking about the future and how she wanted to free up extra space in her own home. Here, she talks about how the Attic Project helped her clear some things from her loft. 

Thinking about the future

Two years ago, Linda’s uncle passed away. As a beneficiary of his will, Linda had the huge task of clearing out his home, a few hours’ drive from her own.

“It was hard, it took six months to clear, going backwards and forwards with my husband. After we finished, we thought, we’re going to have to sort out our house next to save our sons doing this should anything happen to us.

“We wanted to have a short rest and then start on our house, but two weeks later I tripped and broke my arm. I haven’t got much movement in my arm now and struggle to grip with my hand.

“Then my husband fell ill with cancer and passed away from Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It was a one in a million chance, you don’t think of these things until it happens.”

Getting the right support

This summer, Linda felt the time was right to make a start on her home. “I had cleared the garage without a problem, but I needed help to do the loft. I haven’t got enough movement in my arm now to pass things down from the loft, and my sons don’t live terribly close. It can be difficult getting them both here at the same time.

“When you’re on your own and can’t do the things you want, it’s so frustrating. But I saw the Attic Project in the local magazine and thought ‘gosh, that sounds ideal for what I want’.

After getting in contact with Care & Repair, Linda was visited by Cerris, The Attic Project Caseworker. Cerris arranged for handy-people to visit Linda’s and clear out the loft.

“I was ever so grateful when they said they could come and do it. They took everything down from the Attic, down two flights of stairs and into the garage so I could sort through everything in my own time.

“We’d lived in the house 37 years and things had been up there almost that long. We even had Pilgrim’s Progress books, an Atari and a Spectrum computer system up there.

Once the Attic Project team had cleared Linda’s loft, she was able to dispose of the items at her own convenience. “It was easy for me to pass things onto friends, family and the local re-use shop and the tip took a lot as well. I must have gone through two hundred black bags!”

 “I think it’s a brilliant scheme”

Linda’s house is now safer and more comfortable, and she has the added peace of mind knowing that, should the worst happen, her home, garage and loft are clutter-free. “I’m pleased I can leave everything clear and it’s safer in the house for me now. If there’s less stuff I’m less likely to fall”.

“What would I tell people who are thinking of using the Attic Project? Use it! Everyone can benefit and not much is free these days. I tell everybody I meet about it, I say ‘I think they’re wonderful, if you’re worried about clearing your place, call them!’”