Nina and her mother Barbara recently received help from The Attic Project and were keen to share their positive experience.  Nina told us: “I was very unsure at first, I pictured one of those American home makeover programmes, hordes of people taking drastic measures all of a sudden.”

However, after meeting the Attic Project caseworker and volunteer Nina was very impressed by the assistance they received.  Jen, their volunteer, visited once a week and helped Barbra to sort through her things at a pace she felt comfortable with.

The aim was to turn the cluttered annexe used for storage into an accessible bedroom for Barbara. With two new knees, hips, and due to the layout of the house, it was not possible to install a stair lift to the upstairs bedrooms.

The pair admitted it was not easy to let go of belongings, however, it was a lot easier to discard items knowing they were to be donated to help somebody else.

The volunteers also assist with reminiscence, offering the opportunity to record and talk about the stories behind treasured possessions.

Barbra commented: “Since the clutter has been removed - there’s room for what’s important. We haven’t discarded everything and the old photographs and postcards from family in Poland we’ve kept as they bring back fond memories of happy, by-gone times.”

Barbara’s final piece of advice is: “If you’re anxious or unsure like I was, just give it a go! There’s nothing to lose, and everything to gain.”