Jane recovers from hip replacement after help from the Attic Project

Due a hip replacement operation, Jane (age 69) was referred to the Attic Project by her Occupational Therapist, Lori. Jane knew that after the operation she would need to use a walking frame and crutches in her flat whilst she recovered, so she needed to free up some space in her living room.

“After I downsized, I kept telling myself I would go through all the boxes, but I was working full time, and hobbling around with a bad hip. There’s not much storage inside my flat so things were just getting moved around from pillar to post”

 Getting support

“After Lori referred me, someone from the Attic Project phoned right away and came to visit.  They arranged for Pat, a handyperson, to move boxes into an outside storage area.

“Pat was lovely. I’ve only let a handful of people into my flat because I was embarrassed. He wasn’t judgemental at all.

“He moved boxes into the storage area, took a cabinet away, and made space for me to move my book shelf nearer to the kitchen. While I’m not able to reach the top shelves in my kitchen during my recovery I’ll use the bookshelf as a pantry”

 Home from hospital

“Lori visited me in Hospital, I showed her the pictures of my living room. She couldn’t believe the difference to the room and how much brighter it looked.

“Now I’m home, it’s more manageable to go through things. I go through a box every other day. Because someone from the Attic Project has been checking in with me, it’s given me the courage to let things go.”

 Improved quality of life

“It’s made such a difference. The boxes were overwhelming me and draining my spirit. Overall, it’s improved my quality of life – it sounds clichéd, but it’s true.

“If you’re considering using the Attic Project, don’t hesitate at all, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. You don’t need to be embarrassed because they’ve seen worse – they’ve been to mine!

“They’re so nice, I never felt unsafe, which is important when it comes to letting people into your home

“If you’re struggling, you don’t have to, there’s help available”