The Attic Project

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The Attic Project is an innovative partnership project between Care & Repair and VCS Cymru. The project supports older people to organise their personal possessions so that they can live as independently as possible.

There is a growing recognition that the possessions we accumulate over time can be a major obstacle when it comes to downsizing or allowing access for key repairs, adaptations and improvements that make our homes safe and comfortable.

Through our specialist caseworker and volunteers, the Attic Project supports older people to sort through or dispose of their possession in a way that is good for them and good for the environment. Through making space, key adaptations and repairs can take place, that help people to keep warm, reduce the risk of falls or provide better accessibility to the home. It also means people are better able to move to a more appropriate home, reducing the stress of downsizing.

Sorting through possessions can bring back a lot of memories and letting go of them can be challenging. Our volunteers support older people through reminiscence. Having the opportunity to record and talk about the stories behind possessions can be an empowering process, reducing feelings of social isolation and improving wellbeing.

The Attic Project aims to;

  • Support older people to live independently by assisting them to sort through the accumulated items that prevent adaptations, repairs or downsizing taking place.
  • Enabling people to share their memories through reminiscence, in order to reduce feelings of social isolation often experienced by older people.
  • Reducing our impact on the environment by creating more opportunities to recycle and re-use possessions.

The Attic Project also aims to;

  • Work with older people to reduce accidents in the home and prevent further hospital admissions.
  • To support older people to organise their storage so that essential improvements and adaptations can be carried out to their homes,
  • To dispose of or recycle unwanted items, and to enable the process of letting go of treasured items through reminiscence work
  • To increase the safety and security of older people who choose to remain living independently in their own homes.
  • To reduce the stress, anxiety and isolation of older people
  • Provide people with a sense of purpose and control in relation to how they are organising their home environment, their personal possessions and to create a story that provides a legacy for family and community.
  • Support older people with one of the most difficult transitions, the last move of our lifetime.