70+ Cymru: Tackling Fuel Poverty in Wales

The 70+ Cymru project aims to improve the warmth, comfort, and quality of life for older people in Wales.

We do this by visiting homes and providing advice and support on home energy saving techniques and housing improvements.

Care & Repair have a team of 70+ Cymru Home Energy Officers, who can visit you and work with you to find ways to keep your home safe and warm.

Here are some examples of the ways our Home Energy Officers can help you:

  • Assess your home to make sure it is insulated and well-heated
  • Offer you advice on ways to save energy
  • Help you to apply for benefits and grants that will help keep you warm
  • Ensure that your heating system and heating appliances are safe
  • Help make improvements where there is damp and condensation
  • Connect you to other Care & Repair specialist services and support

You can also read about how we help clients through a Home Energy Assessment, or read about 10 ways you can save energy for under £20.

Did you know...

Over 75% of excess winter deaths occur to those aged 75 and above, 30% of excess deaths in winter in Wales are attributed directly to a cold home. In fact, dementia, respiratory conditions and other illnesses are all exacerbated by cold temperatures.

That's why the work 70+ Cymru do is so valuable. If you are over 65 and think that your home is cold and the heating inefficient, we can help.



We’re here to help you to feel safe and comfortable in your own home. Call us on 0300 111 3333 or email [email protected]