Look After Yourself and Each Other this Winter


Preparation is better than crisis. Stay safe and healthy this Winter and enjoy this time of year. Planning can make all the difference to a safe, warm, and healthy winter.

Preventing Falls in Older People:

  • Get active and stay strong & healthy - Join an activity group, check your medicines and your eyesight.
  • Check you home for safety hazards, simple adaptations on stairs, steps and in bathrooms prevent falls.
  • Make sure your feet are healthy and you wear supportive footwear.

Winter Warmth:

  • Check your heating system and draught exclusion.
  • Get help if you can’t pay your fuel bills, check your welfare benefit entitlement.
  • Have a healthy winter diet and wear warm clothes when you’re out and about.

Don’t be Lonely and Anxious this Winter

  • Get online and keep connected, technology can help.
  • Access our helpline to access advice, befriending, and shopping services.
  • Get more information about social activity in your area.

Help the NHS keep you well

  • Get advice on keeping healthy – follow recommendations on diet, nutrition, keeping hydrated, a sensible alcohol intake, and generally keeping yourself safe and well.
  • Make sure your up to date with vaccines and don’t forget your flu jab.
  • Use the NHS 111 website or telephone for advice before attending emergency department services or using ambulance services but use 999 for real emergencies.
  • Make sure your Feet are healthy and you wear supportive footwear.

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