What Does a Free Home Energy Assessment Look Like?

Sarah Explains what A Home Energy Assessment is:

“Hello, I’m Sarah from Care & Repair. I’m a Home Energy Officer on 70+ Cymru, our energy project. You can come to us for help to keep your home warm. You can refer yourself to us, or a family member, friend or professional can refer you to us.

So, the first thing I would do is give you a call to find out exactly what help you need and to arrange a convenient time and date for me to come and visit you.

When I visit you in your home, first we'll sit down and have a chat, and recap on exactly what help you need. We will then walk around your home and have a look at your heating, any problems with your heating, draughts and any repairs that might be needed. Also, I’ll look for any trip hazards, because we can install grab rails free of charge, which is funded by Welsh Government.

When I’m walking around with you, I will also look for signs of any damp, condensation or mould, to see if we can find a remedy for that.

So, once we’ve had a walk around, we can discuss your options for us moving forward and discuss how I can help you. I can arrange quotations for work which you can self-fund, or, if you have a financial need, I can carry out a financial assessment and then investigate options where we can help fund work for you.

I can also look to see if you are missing out on any benefits to maximize your income - hopefully that will help you better afford your bills. If you want me to, I can look at your gas and electricity bills to see if there are any savings that can be made.

At the end of the visit, we will together agree the way forward, and then I will keep you up-to-date on my progress.”

To book your free Home Energy Assessment, contact your local Care & Repair Agency.

 Sarah Penny.png  Sarah Penny, Home Energy Officer


How I Helped a Client with no Heating

"I recently helped a lady who assumed she wouldn't be eligible for any support. This person had gone without heating for about two months before they contacted us. 

I visited her to do a Home Energy Assessment, and after looking a bit further into her situation, we found that she was in receipt of a means tested benefit. This meant that she was eligible for a new boiler through the NEST scheme - a Welsh Government funded initiative. 

The client was so grateful, as she genuinely thought there wouldn't be any help available to her. So, she had the boiler fitted through NEST - it's an oil boiler, which would have cost her a good few thousand pounds!

It was lovely to be able to help a client who thought they weren't entitled to anything.

When people feel like they have nowhere to turn, we can look a bit further to see if they can actually have some help from somewhere."

 Rhian Cook.png   Rhian Cook, Home Energy Officer