Watch: Judy's Story - Separated Due to Covid Restrictions

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John and Judy, from Roath in Cardiff, experienced the struggles of the pandemic first-hand. Last March, during the second lockdown, John had a bad fall and was in hospital for almost six months.

“The worst, saddest part, is I couldn't have gone with him.” Judy explained. “You can’t with Covid, you still have to be so careful. We've been married for 59 years, and we've never been apart.”

John has had dementia for several years. Christine Brock, their Caseworker, regularly checks on them, and Care & Repair have adapted parts of the house to help John get around.

Unfortunately, during lockdown, the worst happened.

“John fell in the lounge. How he did it, I do not know. He was screaming, literally screaming, because he was in so much pain. They sent the ambulance, and they realised that there was something seriously wrong.

“The next morning, they rang me to say they were going to do a new hip operation. He was in Llandough Hospital for more than five months. Once a week, for just an hour, I was able to go in there to see him. We've been married for 59 years, in March, and we've never been apart. It’s been very, very sad and very lonely, because I’ve never been on my own. I think it’s so sad for people not being able to go in and see them in hospital.”

Thankfully, John is now home and reunited with Judy. However, due to John’s dementia, he has not been able to learn to walk again.

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