The value of a multi discipline approach

I worked as a Managing Better Caseworker within Bridgend County Care & Repair for just over a year and was part of the project from the beginning. The service is invaluable within the Sensory Sector. Through partnership working with Health, Social Care and a range of Third Sector Organisations the client is able to get the right support, at the right time, enabling them to live an independent life within their home environment. The Care and Repair healthy homes assessment is comprehensive, client centred and holistic, taking into account a prudent and preventative approach. This sits alongside the Social Services & Well Being Act looking at early intervention and prevention.     

I have been in a unique position having worked as a Managing Better caseworker and after leaving Care & Repair, I am now working as a Rehabilitation Officer (ROVI) within a Sensory Team at Bridgend Local Authority. In most cases the Managing Better Caseworker is able to visit a client a lot sooner than we can within Social Services due to the increased demand and volume of cases. I believe this works better as the Caseworker has completed their assessment and most of the adaptations and work has been completed enabling the ROVI to work with the client doing rehab.       

Within the Sensory Team and my role as a ROVI, I know we wouldn’t manage without the Managing Better Service.  The volume of referrals coming through is huge and people would be waiting longer to be seen causing unnecessary anxiety for the client. Through joint visits with the Managing Better Caseworker, and regular meetings, we are able to have dialogue and put the most appropriate support and intervention in place for clients. This service has had a huge impact for our clients in Bridgend and without this service I believe we would be struggling to cope and wouldn’t be fulfilling our roles as ROVI’s.      

Working with Care & Repair was an amazing experience and I still feel very much part of Care & Repair "family” as I’m now helping to organise and facilitate workshops and training across Wales. Through this multi-disciplinary approach we are demonstrating the impact and value of the joint working between Managing Better Caseworkers and ROVI’s. I will continue to champion Care & Repair and the Managing Better Service.

Sandie Davies

ROVI, Bridgend Local Authority