Safe, Warm Homes for Older People

Care & Repair provide a lifeline to older people, making sure they stay warm and safe during the cold winter months.

The charity has been chosen to be part of this year’s Big Give 2018, the UK’s largest match funding campaign which launches today #GivingTuesday.

Every year in Wales there are around 2,000 excess winter deaths. One hundred percent of the money raise for Care & Repair via The Big Give will go into the charities Fighting Fuel Poverty hardship fund, providing an extra source of help to older people like Mrs Stephenson who are affected by the cold.

This is what Mrs Stephen said: “When you are as old as I am everything slows down and staying warm is really important. If I get cold, I get ill and the risk is I end up in hospital.

“The tiles came off the roof last year when it was windy. Nobody had been up there for years, so I had no idea what work needing doing. But with the water coming into my bedroom we needed to get something done. The social worker said it wasn’t fit for me to live like this. My son thought we needed to get the roof replaced but we knew it would cost a lot. I didn’t know what to do. Then we found out about Care & Repair. What a brilliant organisation, and it’s free for people like me. They said that because Jack, my husband, served in the armed forces I might be able to get some help from them. Care & Repair found the money to pay for the work from several different sources. I have a new roof, a complete new central heating system, a lovely warm and dry bedroom and I am very happy. All thanks to Care & Repair.

All donations to Care & Repair via will be matched for 7 days from noon on 27 Nov.  until noon on 4 Dec. One donation, twice the impact.