Response to the Welsh Audit Office report on the Housing Adaptations System in Wales

Care & Repair Cymru welcomes many of the findings and recommendations of the Wales Audit Office report on the Housing Adaptations System in Wales. We recognise that differences exist between different housing tenures, that better information should be made more widely available, and that there is complexity and sometimes long waiting times for Disabled Facility Grants and large adaptations.

Care & Repair is an important provider of adaptations, delivering over 17,000 Rapid Response Adaptations (RRAP) every year, with short waiting times of between 24 hours and 2 weeks. This is a great service, utilised by Health and Social Care professionals across Wales, and makes a huge difference to older people’s lives through quicker safe hospital discharges, and preventing falls, A&E visits and hospital admissions, ambulance calls, and admissions to care homes.

Responding to the WAO report, Chris Jones, CEO of Care & Repair Cymru said:

‘We cannot disagree that there are areas of improvement needed to Wales’ housing adaptation system. We need to provide better, more accessible information, equity of services between tenants and owners, and shorter waiting times for larger adaptations.

‘But we mustn’t forget that there are also some excellent services on offer such as our own RRAP, and some innovative services offered by other providers. Part of the challenge is to make sure we keep and grow the things that are working well’

‘We are currently working with Welsh Government, Local Authorities, Housing Associations, the College of Occupational Therapists and others to determine how we can make systemic improvements to wider adaptations services in Wales. We are determined that, through working with our partners, improvements will be made and the overall housing adaptation system will become a better experience for older and disabled people’