One donation, twice the impact.

Care & Repair is part of The Big Give #ChristmasChallenge18, the UKs biggest match funding campaign which runs for one week each year on the run up to Christmas.

All donations to Care & Repair via are being matched for 7 days (27 Nov. - 4 Dec.)  and the charity is urging anyone who would like to “help them, help older vulnerable people across Wales” to make a donation and “double your money”.

Care & Repair provide a lifeline to older people, making sure they stay warm and safe during the cold winter months. This is the story of Charles and Marjorie who recently received help from Care & Repair.

“My wife and I have lived in this home ever since we got married over 30 years ago, so it holds a lot of memories for us. Now that we’re a bit less mobile than we used to be, we love nothing more than having a nice sit down in the living room, looking out over the garden, and listening to some jazz.

“Our water tank started leaking just before last Christmas. I’m currently on the waiting list for two new knees and Marjorie’s health hasn’t been great recently, so we were already worried about how we’d keep the house in good shape, but when the leaking started, we became very anxious and were using 3 or 4 towels every day to soak up all the water.

“It soon became too much for us to manage on our own. We were too afraid to use the hot water, or the heating, as we thought this might make the problem even worse. When the water t started to come through the ceiling, we began to really worry that it might even collapse.

“Our lovely daughter eventually contacted Care & Repair, who we’d not heard of before. They sent one of their Technical Officers over who told us the cylinder needed replacing. Care & Repair managed to source grants and funding towards the costs, as our savings would never have covered the work. They managed to find £650 towards the total, which was helpful and meant that the cylinder could be replaced within 3 days. They even did a fire safety check and fitted some smoke alarms for us, which we didn’t have.

“Marjorie and I had been quite concerned about “cowboy builders” but Care & Repair took care of everything, and the contractors were all very reassuring and helpful in explaining the process. I dread to think what would have happened if Care & Repair hadn’t been there to help.”

One donation, twice the impact. #christmaschallenge18