My Snowdon Marathon

By Clair Stevenson, C&RC Policy Officer

We’ve got history

I'd entered Marathon Eryri twice previously and chickened out both times. The biggest battle for me wasn't the training or the race itself, it was being brave enough to turn up at the start line.

I put my name down for a third time for 2018 and decided to try and raise some money for Care & Repair Cymru’s Hardship Fund at the same time.

I spent twelve months training hard to prepare my legs but most of the hard work was done on my mind set. Failure was not an option. I was doing it. I told myself this repeatedly in the months leading up to the race until I believed it.

Race Day

I was calm on race day and it helped having an experienced running partner. I was confident I'd done the right amount of training and I knew I could do the distance.  All I had to do was go for a lovely run with my friend.

Three ups and three downs

The first 14 miles passed in a blur of dramatic scenery. By mile 15 things were starting to ache.  At mile 17 we were spoken to by a safety marshall who explained that if we wanted to complete the race, we would do so unsupported.  At mile 19 another marshall spoke to us. The day was getting on and the organisers were concerned about us completing the last part of the marathon in the dark. The last two 3 miles or so were off road and over the top of a mountain. They let us carry on as they could see we were determined, and I got my head down and carried on as fast as I could.

I crossed the finish line in the dark and third from last, but the sense of achievement was amazing.  

But why though?

Every year in Wales, thousands of older people die needlessly from cold related illnesses that are exacerbated by the poor conditions of the homes in which they live.  These people are either unable to pay for the necessary repairs to their homes to keep the cold out or cannot afford to heat them sufficiently. 

Care & Repair Cymru gives out thousands of pounds every year to older people living in Wales to pay for essential repairs and services to enable them to live safely and warmly throughout the coldest months of the year.

Every single pound raised has gone into the Hardship Fund (£318) and it was worth every single step of the 26.2 miles knowing that the generous people who donated on my local giving page would be making an important difference to older people this winter.