Meeting the Housing Aspirations of Older People in Wales

22 February 2017

A report commissioned by Welsh Government Ministers about meeting the housing needs of an ageing population has recently been published. The report was produced by an Expert Group who developed ideas and thinking behind other similar reports and took evidence from a wide range of experts- national and local government, private, third and public sectors, builders, planners, architects, financiers, advisers, social workers and older people. The report highlights the significant challenge of providing more housing, of the right type, in the right areas as well as future proofing new housing, and importantly, making best use of the existing housing by making it suitable for warm, safe, independent living, and healthy ageing of people in their own homes. The Report highlights that demographic increases in numbers of older people magnifies the need to take action now. The full report can be seen here:

Chris Jones, Chief Executive of Care & Repair Cymru today welcomed the report saying “A strategic vision for meeting the housing needs of an ageing population is something that’s undoubtedly needed. A comprehensive plan that covers all housing tenures and involves integrated working between Welsh Government, local government, the third sector, housing associations, private sector, lenders and other stakeholders will be the only way Wales can meet this challenge head on. The report and recommendations recognises this, and puts forward some strong proposals”.

“For our part, we are delighted that the report recognises the continuing importance of Care & Repair in helping older people “stay put” in their own homes through our core services and rapid response adaptations. We also welcome the recognition in the report that housing plays a crucial role in enhancing the health and well-being of the population. Care & Repair has been working to highlight the impact of people’s homes on their health and well-being for many years. Our new “Managing Better” and “Warm Homes Prescription” services are acknowledged in the report as services that practically link housing, health and social care, and are innovative approaches that should be supported and built on”

The report also strongly highlights the need to provide more housing options to older people, and greater emphasis on services that help people plan where they want to live when they are older before they reach a crisis point.

Chris added “Care & Repair Cymru warmly welcome this. We have long advocated developing a “Moving By Choice” service that provides information, advice and practical support to help older people through the emotionally challenging aspects of moving home, as well practical help with the daunting aspects of moving home.”

“We have always embraced people centred services, as well as innovation and change and very much look forward to being a part of the implementation of a plan that helps meet the aspirations identified in the report”