Innovating to save : our Help to Move pilot

Care & Repair Cymru, in partnership with Bridgend Care & Repair, has been selected to take part in Welsh Government's Innovate to Save programme. Our Help to Move pilot will receive £15,000 to model a pioneering new service that will offer advice, support and practical assistance to help older people, whose current homes are no longer able to meet their needs, to move.

Innovate to Save is no ordinary grant scheme. The £5million programme challenges Wales' public services, in a context of diminishing resources, to think more creatively and critically about how they might improve their services and achieve cashable savings - that means, demonstrable actual savings as opposed to 'just' efficiency savings. The programme is managed by Y Lab, a partnership between innovation foundation NESTA and Cardiff University.

The nature of the programme is as innovative as the projects it supports which is why Care & Repair Cymru is especially delighted to be amongst the seven successful projects that make up its latest cohort. The Innovate to Save programme partners bring a depth of sector understanding and a research capacity that offers an unrivalled 'R&D' opportunity. The Bridgend Help to Move pilot will deliver a service that is shaped by our need to learn and understand: whether and how such a service might work, whether it has the capacity to 'improve and save' and how, if successful, we might scale the service Wales-wide.

These are big ambitions for a small pilot. But we have been developing the concept over a number of years, working closely with Swansea University's Centre for Innovative Ageing, our partner Care & Repair agencies and key stakeholders in housing, social care and health, in addition to learning from experience of a similar project run in North Wales and an equivalent service in France. We are delighted to have this opportunity to put some of that thinking into practice with the chance to 'test and learn' along the way.

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