Surestop: Supporting Rehabilitation and Bringing Peace of Mind

It is estimated that around 29% of all registered disabled people in the UK have dexterity issues (DIAL).

This can range from inhibited ranges of movement to a compromising of fine motor skills. Yet, all can prove equally challenging and upsetting for the person who is having to deal with the change to their individuality and capabilities.

For one British manufacturer, such challenges in tackling everyday tasks has been the driving force behind its most popular product – the Surestop Stopcock.

Design Key to Success

Since its launch in 1999 the Surestop Stopcock has changed the face of domestic water control for both individuals and landlords. Designed to allow water supply to be controlled by either the flick of a switch or the swipe of an app, the alternative to the traditional brass stopcock has imparted greater control to homeowners, property managers and landlords alike.

Particularly appealing is the control and peace of mind that it has given to homeowners with limited dexterity or limited movement; typically, stopcocks are located under sinks or in cupboards that pose a significant problem to homeowners and property occupants who experience one or both of these challenges. With three options available ranging from a switch at source, a remote switch option and a fully integrated ‘smart’ option, gaining easy control of domestic water supplies has never been easier.

In conjunction with ease of operation, the design also accounted for ways in which water control can be managed to alleviate the worry, inconvenience and concern associated with water leaks in our homes and properties.

Typically, costing almost £650 for each domestic water leak (NEOS) the switch and smart solutions now means that the water supply can be easily stopped until a professional repair person is able to visit the property and ascertain the cause of the problem.

Supporting Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists know that equipping people to be able to carry out independent tasks is key to confidence and rehabilitation. That’s why Surestop stopcock solutions have been applauded by occupational therapists, who have seen the benefits that it brings to homeowners. Not only does it re-establish practical control, it also brings peace of mind, eliminating a worry as to what they would do if they had a water leak at their home and balancing the mental impact that physical limitations can have.

Occupational therapy has proven to be hugely important across a range of mental, physical and emotional platforms and successful engagement can be delivered in a variety of ways. Rarely a singular approach, it is often the more holistic treatment plans that achieve the greatest outcomes, and this includes making the home environment as safe, reassuring and accessible as possible.

Surestop products, both our switch and our i-water control system, is just one element where either independence can be restored or reassurance given that a family member or friend, or landlord or property manager is able to remotely control your water supply when a leak has been detected.

Future Proofing Our Homes

In addition to the support that our products give to individuals, our technology also allows our homes and properties to be equipped for the future with the integration of a leak detector and app which gives the ultimate in water control and property protection.

Designed to be easily installed, it only takes around 30 minutes by a professional installer, the i-water control not only gives homeowners complete control, it also gives landlords and property managers the peace of mind knowing that should a leak occur they can manage it effectively whether the property is occupied or not. For properties that are unoccupied, it also gives the option for system maintenance and allows water to be turned on when new occupants are due.

Championed by installers as the best stopcock solution for all homes, we look forward to greater integration in existing and new build homes to give homeowners greater control and remove the unpleasant and costly effects of water damage to our properties.

The Surestop i-water control was Winner of the Housebuilder Product Awards 2020 and all products from the range are WRAS approved.

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