Guest blog: How Altro products can help Care & Repair clients

Anita Waller, Partnerships Communication Manager at Altro outlines how her company's products can help reduce accidents and support older people to live independently at home for longer.

Safer bathroom solutions

We work with Care & Repair to recommend floors and walls that are suitable for home adaptations, with look, performance, and easy installation and maintenance our focus. Our aim is to develop solutions that help people to live in their own homes for longer.

The room that's most commonly adapted is, of course, the bathroom. As well as ensuring the resident, and possibly carer, has the fixtures needed to assist movement, there are other considerations, and that's where we come in. We can work with you before, during and after installation to give you specification, installation and technical guidance and support, plus there are multiple resources, including video installation guides on our website (please link to


More accidents happen at home than anywhere else and these can have a devastating impact. We know that a bathroom will see spills from water, shower gel and shampoo, and in a small space they can be difficult to avoid, particularly for someone with reduced mobility, visual impairment or dementia. We developed Altro Aquarius (please link to, the first specialist safety floor for combined wet and dry, shoe and barefoot areas*, and a few years later, it was joined by Altro Pisces, (please link to which has the same technical performance but introduced soft, domestic-look shades, ideal for home adaptations. And you can be confident that this flooring is compliant and helps reduce slip accidents, with sustained slip resistance for its lifetime.


Indoor humidity and poor cleaning can lead to a build-up of bacteria and mould, which can impact health as well as the appearance of the rooms. Minimising damp and effectively cleaning bathrooms can be difficult: tiles and grouting are porous, making them more susceptible to harbouring bacteria, and tiles chip and crack more easily, allowing dirt and bacteria to collect and hide from cleaners. Both our safety floors and Altro Whiterock, (please link to our hygienic walls system, are designed to be easy to clean – plus they combine to form a sealed, hygienic solution, eliminating tile-associated cleaning issues, along with the risk of slipping on a tiled floor.

Altro Whiterock is a fully bonded walls system and, because of this, the sheets provide impact resistance, which is of particular value in areas where hoists, or other equipment, may be needed to help with bathing. The smooth, impervious wall sheets can simply be wiped clean, making maintenance easy and with a choice of satin-finish block colour with Altro Whiterock Satins (please link to and metal, stone and wood-looks with Altro Whiterock wall designs, (please link to there's a wide choice to suit residents' tastes.

And to make bathroom storage easier, and ensure shampoo and other items can be close to hand, we have recently introduced the Altro Whiterock recessed shelf (please link to, a pre-fabricated unit, available in four colours, that is recessed into the wall and hot welded flush to adjoining wall sheets, with no ledges or lips that could cause injury.

To speak to an Altro consultant about your bathroom projects, please contact us on 01462 489516. You can also view our complete technical guide to bathrooms here (please link to
*Altro Aquarius and Altro Pisces have a PTV of ≥36 (slider 96) against shampoo, shower gel and conditioner, and the risk of slipping is just one in a million; however, with water alone they maintain a PTV of ≥50 (slider 96).

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