Falls are not an inevitable part of growing old

7 February 2017

The impact of falls touches all our lives with many people recalling how a fall has changed a life of a family member, often forever. In the UK every six and a half seconds an older person will fall, every half minute an ambulance will be called to deal with a fall and every 5 hours an older faller will die. Over 500 older people fall each day in their homes. Sadly, what has become a falls epidemic has in turn embedded a cultural deficit whereby there is a widespread, underlying belief that falls are an inevitable part of growing old. It will be a central focus of Falls Prevention Week to end this myth and develop more positive approach to tackling this problem.

Care & Repair services assist over 40,000 older people every year, 12,000 through home visits and provide practical support such as a home adaptation to reduce the real risk of a fall. In addition we provide small home safety interventions through Welsh Government’s ‘Rapid Response Adaptation Programme’/ENABLE for over 15,000 vulnerable people, helping front line hospital staff by ensuring older people get discharged from hospital safely. The wider prudent falls advice we give through making every contact count is both a crucial part of our brand and something we are championing in the wider Housing community.

Care & Repair Cymru are delighted to work with Age Cymru and Age Connects to  jointly brand this Wales-wide focus on falls prevention: coordinating an All Wales campaign of activities that focuses on the key themes of the Ageing Well in Wales’ ‘Steady on, Stay Safe’ public awareness activity endorsed by the Commissioner for Older People. Keeping yourself safe in your home, being active and keeping healthy are all complementary aims of falls prevention that receive evidential support from Public Health Wales.

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We have a duty to keep the citizens of Wales, our family & friends and community neighbours safe to enjoy a long and healthy life.

Neil Williams

Head of Agency support and Development