Extra financial support announced for those on pension credit

The Welsh Government has announced an extension to the Fuel Support Scheme after calls from Care & Repair Cymru and others to do so.

The scheme will now include an extra 400,000 low-income households, including those on pension credit. Those eligible will receive an extra £200 towards coping with the cost-of-living crisis.

Welcoming the announcement, Chris Jones CEO of Care & Repair Cymru said:

“Many older people have told our teams across Wales that they are deeply concerned about the cost-of-living crisis. With inflation at a 40 year high of 9.4% and the looming prospect of energy bills increasing by many hundreds of pounds in October, this announcement will bring at least a little relief to those on pension credit who already can’t make ends meet.

We are pleased that the Welsh Government has listened to us and others who called for this extension to the scheme. However, we remain cautious as this winter may bring extreme fuel poverty to older people in Wales, and we suspect more will have to be done.”

It is being reported that applications for the Fuel Support Scheme will open on September 26 and people can claim it through their local authorities. It is understood payments will be made from October and one claim can be made per household.

Energy bills will rise in October and current predictions are that they could go up as much as £1,200 per year. Any increase will put huge pressure on low-income households, which is why we are urging older people to check they are receiving the benefits they are entitled to. The Older People’s Commissioner for Wales has stated that over £200m in Pension Credit is being left unclaimed in Wales.

If you don’t claim Pensions Credit, but think you might be eligible, please visit 
www.gov.uk/pension-creditFor more information about claiming Pensions Credit, Age Cymru have this useful guide.