Dafydd - the Best Builder in Wales

My name is Dafydd the Best Builder in Wales. I was brought to life by Barbara from the Taff Knitters group in Cardiff. She spent hours knitting me, and when I was finished she gave me to Care & Repair Cymru. My job is to help raise awareness of the fantastic services that are provided by local Care & Repair agencies across the whole of Wales.

My first challenge is going to visit all 13 local Care & Repair agencies. How long do you think it will take me? I am hoping to be back in Cardiff by Easter, but who knows, I might get lost in the valleys or mountains!

On my rounds I will be offering myself for photos with the local staff teams and I am especially keen to get some photos with the handypersons. I hope these photos will then be shared on social media to spread the word about how Care & Repair is making a difference all around Wales. I would love to hear from handypersons about their work and find out if they have any handy home tips to help older people to stay safe, warm and comfortable in their homes.

Catch up with news and stories of my tour on Care & Repair social media using  #DafyddtheBestBuilderinWales or find me at www.careandrepair.org.uk .