Celebrating Three Years of Making a Difference

The Managing Better, Three Years of Making a Difference impact report provides detailed insights into how the Manging Better servicehas made a real difference to the lives of older people living with a sensory loss across Wales.  It also demonstrates how three leading charities, by working together, have turned Welsh Government policy objectives into a reality.

Managing Better brought together Care & Repair, Action on Hearing Loss Cymru and RNIB Cymru to deliver a more efficient service for the benefit of clients with sensory loss across Wales. The report recounts clients’ personal experiences of the service and how it has changed their lives for the better.

Commenting on the partnership service Chris Jones, Chief Executive of Care & Repair Cymru said: “Over the last three years we have come together through an initiative approach to deliver a service which offers more to our NHS and Social Services partners. 

“Our “what matters” conversations with older people consistently highlighted their desire to Manage Better as a top priority and to live in a home that meets their needs.   

“The Managing Better service has allowed us to explore together, through collaboration, how we can do things differently, more efficiently and put clients at the heart of our service.”

Mr Gregory a Managing Better client from Swansea told us: The loss of my eyesight has been very challenging.  The help I’ve received has made me much more independent. I’m able to care for myself and feel safer. I’m able to use handrails and lighting to move around my house more safely.”

Over 3 years, the Managing Better has: 

  • helped over 6000 vulnerable older people, 70% with sensory loss, to live independently at home, and prevent them needing NHS or care services.
  • helped support their independent living with over £1.6m of repairs and adaptations to their homes and increasing welfare benefit take up by £2.4m per year
  • learnt and improved services based on what clients have told us, with 94% telling us that Managing Better has improved their quality of life
  • forged stronger partnerships, collaboration and integrated services between third sector organisations, the NHS and Social Care professionals
  • supported preventative approaches and better long-term health and well-being for thousands of older people.

 The full report can be found here