Care & Repair Cymru welcomes grant funding for Care & Repair

Recent confirmation of grant funding in 2018/19 for Care & Repair across Wales has been welcomed by Care & Repair Cymru.

£5.973 million funding for Care & Repair Agencies and the national body Care & Repair Cymru confirmed in April will help Care & Repair provide services to vulnerable older people that keeps them safe and warm, protects their health and well-being, and helps then live independently in their own homes. The funding helps Care & Repair deliver its free home visiting service, as well as directly providing small adaptations through our Rapid Response Adaptations programme.

Housing and Regeneration Minister Rebecca Evans said: “Housing adaptations play an important role in helping many older and disabled people live safely and independently. As well as improving their lives, this reduces pressure on frontline services. The services provided by Care and Repair Agencies help people to live longer at home with more confidence and dignity, and improved quality of life.”

Talking about the funding, Chris Jones, CEO of Care & Repair Cymru said: “This is great news for some of the most vulnerable older people living in some of the poorest housing conditions in Wales. Our services are crucial to thousands of older people every year, helping them carry out improvements in their homes such as adaptations, repairs, safety and security work, insulation and heating improvements”.

“Last year we helped over 40,000 older people in total, increased their income levels from claiming benefits they are entitled to by over £6 million, carried out over £11.5 million of repairs, helped over 22,000 with safety and falls prevention work, and carried out over 17,000 small adaptations”

“Our work not only helps make older people’s quality of life better, but by making them safer, warmer and more independent, prevents them needing to go into residential care or ending up in hospital. Our work also focuses on making their home fit and safe to return to if they are admitted to hospital, helping to speed up their safe discharge”

“I think this funding news demonstrates the high value Welsh Government places on the work we do as a charity across the whole of Wales, providing services in the hearts of communities and working closely with partners in Health, Social Care, Housing and the rest of the third sector”

“As a charity, we are constantly looking at ways in which we can help more people, with more and new services, and the number who need our help always outstrips the resources we have. But this funding provides us with the strong foundations we need to help us grow our work, and help more and more people to deal with increasing demand as our population ages”