Barry Library gets Bombed with Knitting

Barry Knitters have today (21st April) knit bombed Barry Library by decorating the memorial tree in the Library garden with knitted pears, leaves and colourful squares.

Natalie McCulloch, spokesperson for Barry Knitters said:  “In mythology the wild pear represents `good health, happiness and a long life’.  We all felt that this was exactly the message we wanted our event to promote, so we have created the Care & RePEAR tree to get this message across and to raise awareness of how Care & Repair helps older people in Wales to live healthy, happy, independent lives by ensuring their homes are warm, safe and suitable adapted.”

Sheleagh Llewellyn, Fundraising Officer for Care & Repair Cymru said:  “We are delighted to have the support of Barry Knitters to help raise awareness of our work in such an innovative way.   The Care & RePEAR tree looked spectacular and has already created lots of interest and positive comments. 

“All the money raised from this event will go directly to helping older people in the area to stay warm and safe in their own homes. 

“A big thank you to Barry Knitters for all their hard work and enthusiasm in organising todays knit bomb.”

Melanie Weeks at Barry library is delighted to be hosting the event and said:

“We are always looking for new ways to encourage people to use the library and we really like the idea of brightening up the memorial tree with some knitting. The event is aimed at young and old because good health, happiness and long life are important to everyone. Our staff are joining in by telling stories and asking people who come along to make a paper flower with a wish for the future and plant  it in the back garden.”