Make us your charity of the year

What is a Charity of the Year?

Charity of the Year is a charity that your company chooses to work with for 12 months in order to raise money for its cause.

There could be various reasons why your company may want to partner with a charity, some of which could include:

  • Contributing to the local community
  • Helping raise money for a specific cause
  • Giving employees the opportunity to be involved in something extra curricular

You could ask your head of HR or your manager if you’re not sure whether your workplace elects a Charity of the Year.

If we are chosen as your company’s Charity of the Year, the money that is raised will go towards helping older people in Wales to remain independently in homes that are safe, secure and appropriate to their needs.

There are many forms that Charity of the year partnerships can take and these are aimed at ensuring that both the company and Care & Repair Cymru, as a charity, benefit from the relationship.

  • Hosting a collection box
  • Donating gifts in kind
  • Sponsoring an event
  • Becoming a friend of Care & Repair Cymru
  • Employee participation in our events
  • Holding a fundraising event
  • Making a financial donation
Ways to get involved

How do I get my workplace to choose Care & Repair?

If your company would like to consider becoming a Charity of the Year partner or alternative bespoke partnership, please contact [email protected]

You may be able to elect Care & Repair Cymru as your workplace's potential charity of the year.

What usually happens

  • An employee nominates a charity that means something to them, you may need to write a few words about why Care & Repair Cymru is important to you 
  • A group within the company then chooses one charity that they would like to partner with from a variety of nominations or employees in the company vote for their favourite

Fingers crossed, Care & Repair Cymru is chosen!

If you are interested in choosing Care & Repair Cymru as your Charity of the Year, please contact  [email protected] to help you with your nomination.

We would be happy to come along and talk to your staff about Care & Repair and the work we do across Wales