Pauline and Brian

When Pauline and Brian needed to adapt their bathroom so Pauline could bathe safely, they simply didn’t know who to call. Luckily a friend told them to contact Care & Repair and from then on their problems were solved.

With the help and support of the Caseworker and Technical officer from the local Care & Repair Agency the couple found suitable contractors to carry out the work  and their bathroom was transformed. With a new level access shower instead of the old bath Pauline is now able to bathe safely and independently.

In addition Care and Repair carried out a full Healthy Homes check on their property which resulted in hand rails being installed to help Pauline negotiate steps up to her front and back doors safely. The caseworker also identified the couple were not claiming Attendance Allowance  and  helped them successfully apply which means they are now £8,500 a year better off.

Listen to Pauline talking about how Care & Repair helped when their bathroom needed adapting.