Mrs Brice

Mrs Brice (80yrs) has lived alone in the house for the past 11yrs. She suffers from a number of health conditions and the cold makes these conditions worse.

The central heating boiler in the property was 30yrs old and it needed replacing, not only was it inefficient but was constantly breaking down. Mrs Brice has no savings and was unable to replace the boiler.

After assessing Mrs Brice’s needs quotations for a new boiler were sort. The full cost of a replacement boiler was £3,180.

Due to Mrs Brices background and circumstances the Care & Repair was successful in applying for benevolent funding totalling £1,375 from;

  • EEIBA £500.00
  • Supporting Friends £100.00
  • Home Warmth £200.00
  • AFTAID £125.00
  • Eaton Fund £250.00
  • St John Lloyd £200.00
  • Health Through Warmth Crisis Fund £1,805

Care & Repair arranged for the boiler to be replaced. Mrs Brice was also concerned about the fuse box and the contractor who quoted for the boiler also investigated the fuse box and was able to assure Mrs Brice all was in order and so stopped her from worrying about this. The caseworker also ran a benefits check to ensure Mrs Brice was claiming all applicable benefits and provided with information regarding a community alarm system.

Watch Mrs Brice tell her story.