Mrs Davies

Mrs Davies aged 89 is an owner-occupier and has lived in her detached property for 89 years. She is very infirm, her mobility is poor due to arthritis she has sight problems and had scalded her foot 2 months ago which was healing very slowly.  Mrs Davies is frail and slight which compounds any issues or injuries and she has little body strength. In spite of this she is reluctant to ask for help.

Mrs Davies was referred to Care & Repair by an Occupational Therapist from the Community Resource Team of the local Health Board under the Critical Prevention Programme.

The RRAP work was undertaken quickly (i.e. the same day as referral) - a grabrail was fitted and an unsteady dining room table was secured. A caseworker assessed the home and a smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector were provided. Further assistance for aids & adaptations and improvements to heating were declined. However, a future visit found the client in difficulty after being locked out.  The client had been outside all night; she was suffering with hypothermia and was in distress.  She was accompanied to hospital by a Caseworker and subsequent discussions have meant she has agreed to help involving a Lifeline installation, minor adaptations and NEST for heating improvements.

Providing a sensitive, caring but persistent service has meant that the reluctance to secure preventative assistance has been overcome. The RRAP could very quickly address the primary causes of concern but the casework service provided ‘added-value’ and a more sustainable outcome.

The RRAP Health prevention service is able to work in a very targeted and effective way.  Our trusted brand supports safe discharge from hospital and on-going support in the home. Mrs Davies is still vulnerable but she is an on-going client of Care & Repair who she has now learned to trust and ask for help. Her home is now better suited to her independence and is warmer and safer. Her family and informal carers are far more confident. Preventing her admission to hospital reduces demand in an increasingly stretched NHS, and saves money.