Mr & Mrs King

Mr King (67) an ex coal miner has a number of health complaints associated with his occupation. He is very unsteady on his feet and had a serious fall getting out of the bath. He is unable to bathe independently of his wife.

Mr and Mrs King approached their Local authority Disabled Facility Grant (DFG) team for help but were declined on the grounds that their income was too great (their expenditure closely matched their income, but expenditure isn’t accounted for in the DFG means test process).

They came to Care and Repair because they didn’t know how to get the help that they needed. As they already had the DFG Occupational Therapist report in place, we helped to source and secure funding for the adaptations they needed. Mr King was having to live downstairs and bathe in the kitchen, Care & Repair firstly secured funding for a stair lift and then for a grant to have his bath removed and a walk in shower installed.

Whilst supporting Mr & Mrs King to get the adaptations needed, caseworkers also noted that the step into their home was very high, so arranged for a half step to be provided, now Mr King can get in and out of the property more easily. The caseworker also noted that there was only one working smoke alarm in the property, so had a further smoke alarm fitted on the upstairs landing.

Mr King can now get upstairs to sleep and is now safer in the bathroom, and at much reduced risk of falling as a result of the new shower cubicle. He is also able to bathe independently again.

Watch Mr & Mrs King telling their story.