Mr Morris 

Mr Morris approached Care & Repair asking for help with the damp in his house especially in the downstairs toilet, middle room on the ground floor and also in the kitchen.  Mr Morris lives in the house with his 3 youngest children. The home visit also highlighted issues around cold, and safety risks relating to poor appliances.

We rectified the damp, supported by benevolent funding raised by a Caseworker.  NEST was accessed to improve central heating - a boiler and 12 new radiators were provided. Additional funding was raised for a new cooker and from Swalec for a new washing machine. In total £6,000 was raised.

Mr Morris is now living in a warmer home and the damp is no longer affecting his breathing. He is no longer in danger from worn out appliances and he is able to cook warm food and wash clothes for himself and his family.His heating bills are reduced and he does not have to use the launderette.

The pressures of poor health, poor housing, reliance on informal carers, and potential poverty have been relieved. His family circumstance is improved and familial anxiety is reduced.  Increased demand and cost to public services such as the NHS has been prevented.