About Us

Care & Repair Cymru is a national charitable body and actively works to ensure that all older people have homes that are safe, secure and appropriate to their needs.

We provide services to a network of Care & Repair Agencies across Wales. Our services to Agencies include:

  • leadership and national representation on policy responses, service improvement, and innovation
  • co-ordination of the national Care & Repair Information System (CARIS), using national performance and evaluation to inform policy response, and national reports on outcomes from services
  • policy information and briefing
  • training and networking events, to facilitate consistency of services, and shared best practice
  • agency support and development
  • increasing brand awareness, national PR and communications
  • providing support services to Agency Boards to help them evaluate and improve their performance and outcomes.
  • promoting and facilitating greater collaboration and partnership working in the sector
  • generating more funding for front line services and new projects.

Through our work, and close relationship with the Agencies, we listen to the needs and desires of older people and on the national stage articulate this information to policy makers at the Welsh Government. This advocacy work helps inform thinking about Housing Policy for older people, and wider Health and Social Care policy for older people which is intrinsically linked to appropriate, good quality housing. 

Our core objectives

  • Champion the housing needs of older people living in owner occupied and private rented housing through effective national lobbying and continued development of national partnerships;
  • Assist in meeting key Government objectives, policy and strategies;
  • Provide services and advice to Care & Repair Agencies on WG grant funding applications and information on the performance of Care & Repair Agencies across Wales and outcomes achieved for older people;
  • Promote the links between housing, health and social care.
  • Promote Care & Repair services through all media, strategic, political and voluntary networks; Inform, advise and support Care & Repair agencies to deliver services that address individual older people’s housing needs;
  • Advise agencies on matters relating to the current political, economical and demographic changes that have an impact on the lives of older people;
  • Safeguard the values, standards, service quality and brand of the Care & Repair movement and develop good practice guidance and sound information;
  • Protect substantial public monies invested in the movement by developing robust systems that monitor and evaluate the quality of services and outcomes delivered;
  • Provide a trusted and experienced platform for debate, innovation and information on the housing needs of older people in Wales.

If you would like to know more please contact our office on 02920 107580, or any of our staff.