What we do

Care & Repair in Wales, in partnership with Welsh Government, local government and more recently with Health, has been delivering, evolving and innovating services that help older people remain living independently in their own homes for over 30 years.

Care & Repair Agencies deliver practical, front line services that help the strategic challenge of providing older people with safe, warm, accessible homes and helping them live independently at home for as long as they want.

Care & Repair Cymru is at the heart of leading and strengthening front line services, and representing the housing needs of older people.

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Core Service

The core service is client centred, home visiting, and delivers tailored solutions to housing problems. Caseworkers and Technical Officers are at the heart of the service and our teams build a close relationship with clients based on trust and confidence.  A Caseworker visit helps determine the client’s housing, personal and financial circumstances, before discussing solutions to housing problems and providing advice on welfare rights and funding available for home improvements. A property inspection is undertaken by our Technical Officers. This helps complete the picture of works needed to help clients remain living safely, independently and comfortably at home. Typical outcomes include increased household income, home repairs and adaptations work, improved security, falls prevention work, improved heating and insulation, and lower fuel bills.  

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Managing Better 

A new 3 year project, funded from Sustainable Social Services Third Sector Grant, and is a joint project with RNIB Cymru and Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, with Care & Repair Cymru as the lead partner. Launched in our 25th anniversary year the new service is delivered out of the 13 Care & Repair Agencies by 13 new specialist Caseworkers who will work proactively with Health and Social Care locally, to identify vulnerable, frail older people in need of help with a safe and healthy home environment before they reach a crisis point and enter the statutory system of hospitals, GPs, ambulances or residential care.

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Rapid Response Adaptations Programme

Developed in 2002/3 now delivered across Wales helping over 16,000 people annually, at an average time of 8 days, and with 30% of cases helping quicker hospital discharges and helping tackle bed blocking.

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How do we do it?

Care & Repair has always been a service which is client-centred, and delivers tailored solutions to problems and needs. Our holistic approach has been a key factor in the success of Care & Repair.

Multi-disciplinary teams deliver a range of services, with funding not only from government grant, but from other sources such as housing associations, local government, and charitable donations.

Casework is at the heart of the service and clients often build a close relationship with their caseworker based on trust and confidence. The home visit, client engagement and gathering of information by the Caseworker is used to assess client’s housing, personal and financial circumstances before discussing and tailoring the services needed to resolve any issues.

The unique combination of person centred casework, technical expertise, and practical skills is a strong and unique selling point for Care & Repair.

While there are strong common threads linking all Care & Repair agencies in Wales, each agency has also developed services based on local need and opportunity.

Finally, partnership working is one of the keys to a successful Care & Repair service, and we are proud of our approach of linking clients with the whole range of local statutory and third sector services.

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"Working together across local agencies benefits older people. There are common themes based around stronger partnership working – better information and access to all services." Centre for Policy and Ageing